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Friday, June 3 (Virtual)

Sessions Live Now!

Learn the most effective techniques to edit social media videos more efficiently with Adobe Premiere Pro. Join Adobe Certified Instructor Luisa Winters to see how to reduce your editing time and make your videos stand out on social media. You’ll leave with new tools for faster editing, customizing music and graphics, automatically reframing for different platforms, and more. Put these essential skills to work right away and follow along using the free 7-day trial of Premiere Pro.

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Moderator: Luisa Winters

From production to distribution the filmmaking industry is complex and multifaceted.Filmmaker Toyin Ibrahim Adekeye is the Director and Executive Producer of the Bigger Than Africa documentary. Recently picked up by Global streaming network Netflix, Toykin can speak on the process of filming a documentary, the challenges of it being acquired by a major network and the struggles of journey as an international film maker, navigating through the industry.

Moderator: Deborah Riley Draper

Panelist: Toyin Ibrahim Adekeye

Meet Zoie Noelle Brogdon, better known as ZoZo Noelle. Zoie a champion equestrian and visual artist, born and raised in Los Angeles. This interview is an up-close look at her story and why she's a Sports Illustrated profiled Athlete.


Moderator: Mimi Brown

With diversity, representation and inclusion being a big push in the industry there are some institutions like Film Independent that have been focusing on this for years. Film Independent’s Artist Development programs have been on the forefront of diversifying storytelling for over 25 years. By championing visual storytellers through mentorship, professional development, and providing access to industry, Film Independent strives to level the playing field to create a more inclusive pipeline of talent to Hollywood. In this conversation, learn more about the Artist Development programs and hear directly from alumni of these programs and how they have had an impact on their careers.

Moderator: Angela Lee

Panelists: Avril Speaks, Rikki Jarrett, Alfonso Johnson, Winter Dunn

Storytelling takes place in a large variety of mediums, but very few have the making it necessary to have adequate representation for our truths to be told. Join us as we have this conversation focused on breaking in and breaking barriers in the animation industry as a Black professional. Black women in various professions in animation will shine a light on their journey while providing tips on navigating the industry and making an impact.​

Moderator: Shabrayia Cleaver

Panelists: Morenike Dosu, Camille Eden, Karen Toliver, Taylor K. Shaw

Join us in a conversation with Quincy Newell, creator of Fuse Beat - a all black television streaming channel that focus on make sure the voice of Black people is represented in streaming.

Moderator: Rashaun Hall

Panelist: Quincy Newelll

Join us in this groundbreaking conversation with Kareem Weaver  and Kymyona Burk as they discuss the importance of the film The Right to Read and give us an inside look into the film. The Right to Read shares the stories of a courageous activist, a teacher, and two American families who fight to provide our youngest generation with the most foundational indicator of life-long success: the ability to read.

Moderator: Sabi Habib-Lowder

Panelist: Kareem Weaver, Kymyona Burk

Day 2 Schedule

Saturday, June 4 

The Ray Dolby Ballroom

Pathways to Inclusion Career and Info Fair
1:00p- 5:00p

During the ACE festival’s career and information fair, organizations and individuals that facilitate programs and resources for career development will provide resources on how their organizations are contributing to breaking the barriers to entry into the entertainment industry by providing attendees with the necessary information to take the next steps in their careers.

A Masterclass: How to Produce in Television and Film
1:30p- 3:00p
Moderator: Salena Rochester
Panelist: D’Angela Proctor

Within the elaborate world of filmed entertainment and mass media, what exactly does a producer do? From conception, through development, on to distribution, producers play a vital role in marshaling resources, persuading gatekeepers, and enticing audiences to support their cinematic visions. This panel will explore strategies a producer can employ to achieve success while wearing so many hats.

A Masterclass: The Art of Storytelling and Story-Selling
1:30p- 3:00p
Moderators: JaSheika and JaNeika James
Panelist: Jamila Hunter

Writers are capable of seeing the story in their minds and capturing that vision on the page. But most stories don’t become scripts until they are verbally described to executives who may not share the writer’s perspective or passion. The process of selling stories is both artistic and strategic – and can be both exhilarating and demoralizing. What strategies are effective? What techniques can help?

A Masterclass: The Vision of a Director
1:30p- 3:00p
Moderator: Abdul Malik Abbott
Panelist: Anya Adams

In the world of filmmaking, the ultimate creative authority goes to the director. The best directors are masters of storytelling, capable of transporting audiences to imaginative spaces. What are the requisite leadership skills for this all-encompassing role? What creative chops are necessary to imagine and deliver a noteworthy production?

You Look Familiar: An Inside Look at the Journey of a Working Actor
3:30p- 5:00p
Moderator: Abdul Malik Abbott
Panelists: Sherri Saum, Elvis Nolasco, Vanessa Estelle Williams

Actors must inhabit the persona of their characters. Working actors must repeatedly transmute themselves through a parade of archetypes, across volumes of stories, to generate lasting work product and a legacy of artistic expression. But the hard part is consistently satisfying the scrutiny of casting directors, producers and fans, without confining the acting instrument to convenient or stereotypic assignments. The key for working actors is to be inventive and adaptable.

The Importance of Content Creation 
3:30p- 5:00p
Moderator: BuzyBaker
Panelist: Khleo Thomas

With the surge of new tools and websites in the last decade, we no longer have to wait for our favorite show to air or for a highly anticipated movie to be released for entertainment. Anyone can create their own with the help of a cellphone and the internet. In this conversation, we will delve into each of these creators’ journeys to virality and the importance of creators of color.

Industry Mixer

5:00p- 7:00p

Immediately following the conclusion of programming, attendees will have the opportunity to parlay and network with ACE Festival participants and panelists.

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