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The ACE Festival

03 June 2022

Our virtual experience will feature sessions to facilitate career development through masterclasses, resources, discussion, and exposure to resources allowing our participants to gain insight from industry professionals from around the country.

Day 2 - Ray Dolby Ballroom
04 June 2022

The ACE Festival will provide pathways to inclusion through an entertainment career and information fair. Immediately following there will be an industry mixer, where attendees will get to network with other current and aspiring industry members.

The Conference
Using Tablet
What is the NAACP ACE Festival?

The Annual Arts, Culture and Entertainment (ACE) Festival, powered by NAACP, is a free virtual and in-person series of conversations and presentations highlighting the power and impact of the arts from an African American perspective.

This year's conversations will feature some of the most influential industry professionals and companies covering topics in television, film, streaming, and music. Through these panels, workshops, and conversations we aim to create and highlight pathways to equity and inclusion in entertainment. 







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